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At 20/20 Sports Physio in Engadine, we provide a comprehensive range of modern treatment options to help you with your niggles, aches, sports injuries and rehabilitation goals. 

Knowledge &



Advice about your injury, or any injury / performance topic

How to manage the injury short-term and long-term

Best practice guidelines and what is best for you and your injury, based on the latest research and expert opinion. 


Acute sports injury service, including diagnosis, controlling pain and swelling, and bracing/splinting

Restore range of motion, rebuild strength and function, and regain your confidence


Rehabilitation for all stages of the recovery and return to sport.

Preventing / Risk Reduction in sports injuries.




Pre-season sports injury screening - to analyse injury risk, reduce future injury, and improve performance

Performance Testing - for speed, agility, power, and/or endurance 

Ballet Dancer

Pre-Pointe Assessments to help you prepare for dancing en pointe.


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wheelchair-1629490_1920 - 1.jpg

Physiotherapy services to manage various conditions under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). 

Pain management

Improving strength, and range of motion

Improving functional ability, such as walking, balance, transfers, and stairs/steps. 

Hands-On Therapy & Dry Needling


Massage / Trigger point therapy 


Dry Needling 


Spinal mobilisation 


Taping – for treatment or prevention of injury.


Pre-game taping is available for pain or prevention, right before your game or event 

Post-Op Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation


Orthopaedic physiotherapy and post-operative care following anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction, rotator cuff repair, total knee replacement, lumbar spine arthroscopy and more

Hydrotherapy following Total Knee Replacement to help you get moving 

Pre-hab (pre-op rehab) care to optimise post-operative outcomes, eg. ACL Prehab

Strength &



Exercise to improve strength, fitness, agility, and/or power

Gym or outdoor programs, fully integrated with your lifestyle, sports season, and/or work schedule 

Injury prevention and improve performance using sports science 

Work-Related Rehabilitation


Workplace Injury - Physiotherapy under WorkCover 

Pre-employment screening

Safe lifting and manual handling strategies

Ergonomic advice - is your desk set-up optimised to your role?

Home Visits


If you are unable to travel to our clinic, we may be able to see you at your home.

We will bring everything required so you can relax and focus on your rehabilitation.


Contact Us to find out more about appointments and areas we service in the Sutherland Shire.

Exercise Physiology &/or



Exercise Rehabilitation for pain or injury, with a physiotherapist or an Exercise Physiologist.

Home-based, gym-based or pool-based programs

Improve strength, flexibility, and most importantly, your function

Hydrotherapy - we design and supervise hydrotherapy programs for a wide range of conditions, such as post-op rehabilitation after Total Knee Replacement,

Emergency Physiotherapy


Waterproof fibreglass casts, for both adults and children 

Braces, crutches, and boots are available for fractures, dislocations or post-surgical requirements

treadmill running.jpg

Are you looking to improve your running performance and/or prevent injury?

We can analyse your running and make recommendations to improve your efficiency, performance, and reduce your risk of injury 

If your sport involves running, we can help! 

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