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Sports Physiotherapy

Are you looking for a Sports Physiotherapist?


Sports injuries are any injury sustained during participation in sports or recreation, regardless of the level of competition. These include muscle injuries (eg. Hamstring injury, calf injury, etc), ligament injury (ankle sprain, ACL injury, etc), tendon injury (achilles tendinopathy, hamstring tendinopathy, etc), or fracture (wrist fracture, ankle fracture, etc).

Why choose a sports physiotherapist?

Sports Physiotherapists typically have a higher qualification, greater professional training, and more experience in assessing and managing sports injuries than other physiotherapists. As the rehabilitation for sports injuries can be quite different from other types of injuries, seeking the aid of a sports physiotherapist results in a better recovery experience. 

The spectrum of injuries also vary from sport to sport, meaning a Sports Physiotherapist may be more aware of sustaining certain injuries in a particular sport. For example the most common injuries for a recreational runner, soccer goalkeeper, cricket fast bowler and rugby league forward are all different! This knowledge can help in a speedy diagnosis and recovery. 

At 20/20 Sports Physiotherapy, Shiblee is an APA Sports Physiotherapist who has extensive knowledge and expertise for a wide variety of sports, and the most effective rehabilitation for these injuries. He has worked as a sports physiotherapist at club, state and national levels for a wide range of sports.

If you’d like to see if we can help you with your sports injury, give us a call for an appointment.

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