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Exercise Physiology

What is an Exercise Physiologist, and what do they do?


Exercise Physiologists are health professionals who use exercise and physical activity to manage physical health conditions, including injuries, chronic metabolic diseases, pain and disabilities. They can do this through their understanding of how the human body responds to exercise, both physically and mentally.

What conditions can Exercise Physiologists assist with?

They are experts in using exercise to manage:

  • Musculoskeletal pain arising from injury, disability, or a chronic condition such as Chronic Pain

  • General Health & Fitness - exercise programs tailored to your specific goals, from getting moving for the first time, to improving your current workout program 

  • Diabetes and other lifestyle related diseases

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation - post surgical or conservative management of cardiac conditions, eg coronary artery bypass graft surgery 

  • Healthy Ageing - including improving muscle mass / strength, balance training for falls prevention, and loss of bone density (osteoporosis) 

  • Disabilities that benefit from exercise, such as Multiple Sclerosis. We provide exercise physiology under the NDIS

  • Mental Health & Wellbeing - as a part of your recovery journey from conditions such as depression, PTSD and addiction

  • Neurological conditions such as stroke, brain injury or Parkinson's Disease

  • Cardiorespiratory conditions such as COPD

  • Weight Management and weight loss

  • Strength & Conditioning - in collaboration with our Sports Physiotherapist we can help you to become fitter, stronger, bigger, or faster

For Chronic Diseases, you could discuss a Medicare-Funded referral with your General Practitioner, called a Team Care Plan or Enhanced Primary Care Plan.


Why Choose Exercise Physiology at 20/20 Sports Physiotherapy Engadine? 


We are experts in Exercise Physiology services, and we have the knowledge, gym equipment, exercise library, and experience to help you achieve your physical health goals.

Our facilities include a gym for resistance / strength exercise and cardiorespiratory / endurance exercise, a pool for hydrotherapy, and outdoor space for a wide range of exercises. If you need a home exercise program, we can certainly help with this too. 


If you are looking for an Exercise Physiologist to help manage an injury, chronic disease or disability, give us a call for an appointment.

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