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Physiotherapy Under Workers Compensation & CTP

Have you been in a work-related injury or motor vehicle injury? Our Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology team at 20/20 Sports Physiotherapy can help.

Work-related and motor vehicle injuries are covered under SIRA, and our accredited Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists are experts at managing pain, improving range of motion, and rebuilding functional strength to help you return to your best.

Our team aims to treat a wide range of conditions, and helps clients manage pain injury by providing services such as:

  • Exercise programs to improve mobility, strength and fitness

  • Reduce pain that is interfering with everyday activities, leisure, and/or work. This could include massage, dry needling, taping, or other options.

  • Hydrotherapy for managing pain, post-operative rehabilitation and general fitness

  • Gym programs to improve strength, fitness and general health

  • Braces, boots and other equipment for recovery, rehabilitation and injury management


If you have a work-related or motor vehicle injury, give us a call to see if we could help.

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