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Acute Ankle Sprains

Have you sprained your ankle? An ankle sprain is an injury to the ligaments of the ankle joint. Ligaments are injured when a joint moves beyond its normal range of motion, and in the case of an ankle sprain, the ankle is often “rolled” or “twisted” inwards, leading to an injury to the outer ligaments.

This injury usually interferes with the ability to walk on uneven surfaces, descend stairs, and even drive your car.

If you’ve had an ankle sprain, here are a few tips that could help in the first week:

  • If weightbearing is painful, but possible, it is best to keep moving within your comfort.

  • Ice or panadol for pain is good (keeping in mind you are using ice for pain, not inflammation). Controlling pain (but not completely eliminating it) allows normal function whilst receiving “feedback” from your injury so you don’t further injure the ankle.

  • Cycling can often start within the first week after an ankle sprain. It is usually safe to try it, and cease if it makes the ankle feel worse. 

  • If weightbearing is not possible, consider an x-ray to exclude a fracture.

  • Early review by a physiotherapist is a good idea. It can put you on the right path towards correct management of your injury.

  • Dismissing the ankle sprain as “just an ankle sprain” could lead to long term ankle pain and secondary problems through compensation. This could be repeated ankle sprains, Achilles tendinopathy, plantar fasciopathy, or recurrent calf tears.


If you have had an ankle sprain please feel free to call us for an appointment.

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