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How much does sitting impact your health and contribute to aches and pains?

Girl Working in a Cafe

Just injured your hamstring?


Consider these 5 tips to get yourself on track for a speedy recovery.


Stiffness, tightness and pain - what's the link? 

Image by Alora Griffiths

Need to rehabilitate your injury? Here are some options to choose from

Balancing Beam

Do you have a painful shoulder when you swim? You may have Swimmer's Shoulder.

Swimming Laps

Can we reduce the risk of tearing the ACL? 

female Knee.jpg

Tendon pain is termed a "tendinopathy". How much do you know about tendon pain and how to manage them? 


Do you have soreness after your last run? 

Read this. 


Are you considering an anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction? 

Get ahead on your rehab.

Image by George Pagan III

Have you had an ankle sprain? What should you do now? 


What is plantar fasciopathy, what causes it, and what might help? 


Does being hydrated make that much of a difference??

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What's the effect of a good warm-up on your performance and injury risk? 

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