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Girl Lacing Up Her Ballet Shoes

Pre-Pointe Assessments

Are you getting ready to transition to pointe classes? That’s exciting!

Your dance teacher may ask you to see us for a pre-pointe assessment to help determine whether you are ready to dance en pointe. This assessment involves a closer look at your

  • Posture and Ballet technique – for a few key moves, such as rises, jumps, demi plie, etc

  • Mobility Testing – foot, ankle and hip range is particularly important

  • Pointe Range of Motion – enough said!

  • Balance and Hip Control – good lumbopelvic stability is key to minimise risk of injury

  • Lumbopelvic / “Core”, Glute, and Calf strength

  • Foot intrinsic Muscle Strength


This information is then used to determine how ready you are to begin pointe classes.


It is really important to remember - It is not a pass or fail test! It is an assessment to see how physically prepared you are to begin pointe work, and help identify areas to work on to allow a successful transition to pointe classes.


The best time to book an assessment is 3-6 months prior to starting pointe classes. If the assessment reveals a few areas of concern, 3-6 months is plenty of time to easily correct these and be better prepared for pointe classes.

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