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Running Injuries & Analysis

At 20/20 Sports Physiotherapy we conduct running assessments for people who want to either learn the basics (beginner, or just starting to run/jog), develop good habits/ change bad habits (intermediate running experience), or just review and fine-tune their current running technique (experienced running).

Running Injuries

Some common running injuries are:

  1. Anterior knee pain, i.e. pain at the front of your knee. This is usually pain from your patella or the patella tendon.

  2. ITB pain (formerly known as ITB friction syndrome) – this is pain on the outside of the knee

  3. Shin splints – pain on the shin, most commonly on the inside of the shin near the ankle

  4. Achilles tendinopathy

  5. Peroneal tendinopathy

  6. Plantar fasciopathy (formerly plantar fasciitis)

  7. Back pain

  8. Hamstring tendinopathy

  9. Muscle tears - hamstring, calf, quadriceps, and/or hip/groin

Less common running injuries are:

  1. Stress fractures – in the feet, shin, or hip

  2. Nerve compression / entrapments

  3. Hip pain and pelvic pain, including sacroilliac joint pain 


Running Assessments 

There’s a lot involved in analysing your running! Over 2 sessions:

  • You will warm up, and then run your usual way either on a treadmill or outdoors

  • We will use a high-speed camera to create a video of your running in a few different angles and speeds, depending on your symptoms and goals

  • We link your symptoms (eg. Knee pain) to the running technique and see if your technique could be the problem.

  • You will receive feedback about your running, and strategies to change your certain aspects of your running if it is appropriate.


More reasons to improve your running!

  • The strategies used to improve symptoms also make you a more efficient runner. This is why many of our clients actually get PBs after their changes are made!

  • If you have no symptoms and just want to review your current strategy, we welcome this as a great way to minimise risk of future injury.

In addition, if you have a goal (eg run Sutho to Surf, Blackmores, UTA 50, etc) and would like some assistance to -

  • set up your running / training schedule,

  • make changes to suit your injury, or

  • find out how to align some strength and conditioning exercises alongside your current program,


-we can help you do that!


Make an appointment here.

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