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Shoulder Pain

In Australia, 1 in 5 people have shoulder pain from various causes. 

Shoulder pain is common in a wide variety of sports and professions, especially where the arm is used overhead. These include sports such as baseball, cricket, swimming and gymnastics, and also professions such as mechanics, painters, electricians, and builders.

Shoulder injuries can also be from trauma, such as a shoulder dislocation or fracture.

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Why does my shoulder hurt when I run?

The most common reason is poor running posture and technique. In our clinic we find the greatest contributor seems to be related to high sitting volume - i.e. you work in a sitting-based profession, and have recently commenced running . The posture involved in sitting is, in many ways, the complete opposite to running, and this can creep into your running posture without you realising. 


Why do I have shoulder pain after a gym workout?

There are many factors here, but a common reason is related to increasing the weight on a particular exercise too much too soon. Pushing exercises such as the bench press are common culprits, and can often irritate the shoulder tendons. Changing the weight back may help. If the pain persists, it is better to seek professional advice than to continue with your current program and “push through the pain”.

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